What’s for dinner? Instant Meal Plan

Published On: January 30, 2023

‘What’s for Dinner Tonight?’ – one of the most asked questions in any household.

When you are tired after work, it’s the last thing you want to hear. We know time is precious and want to make life as easy as possible, so our brand new ‘What’s for dinner?’ – the 5-day meal plan by Instant that will give you all the recipe inspiration you need from Monday through to Friday.

With our creative and tasty recipes, you’ll never run out of ideas. You’ll have a balanced diet that can fit into your life without sacrificing flavour or convenience. And best of all? You’ll never have a boring meal again – even when you’re short on time.

Click the button below to download recipe ingredients, instructions, and a shopping list too. Let’s get cooking! 


And if you missed our previous ones, we’ve got you covered for extra weeks, too:

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