5 tips for hosting the perfect Al Fresco dinner party

Published On: July 8, 2022

There is nothing better than enjoying a meal outdoors during the summer months. Whether that is a barbeque, a picnic, or a garden party – there’s just something magical about alfresco dining with friends and family. However, many people are reluctant to take their normal dinnerware outside, opting for disposable paper or plastic plates instead.

With Corelle products you can happily take your dinnerware from the dining room to the garden, as its chip and break-resistant material and drop-proof durability, gives you piece of mind to use it for wherever you are hosting your meal!

Take a read of our 5 top tips for hosting the perfect Al Fresco party…

1. Invest in durable

Glass and ceramic bowls and plates are known to be fragile, so it’s understandable that many of us are hesitant to take our normal dinnerware into the garden with the risk of damages! However, Corelle is designed for ultimate durability – it is chip and break-resistant so you can ditch the paper or plastic plates, and instead take your favourite Corelle dinnerware outside, for a garden party table that looks good!

2. Choose a theme

Theming your dinner party is a great way to make the occasion a little more special and provides a base for your menu choices and whatever décor you decide to use.  It doesn’t need to be over the top – think about choosing a specific colour, season or country for your chosen cuisine and add small décor touches. Think cushions for comfort, draping fabrics for pops of colour, or adding candles to provide a pleasant aroma and light, these simple things can make a huge difference to how you and your guests feel, and bring your theme to life.

3. Food prep in advance 

There is nothing worse than hosting a dinner party and realising that your timings are off. After all, you want to be out there talking with your friends, not stuck in the kitchen.

Corelle’s famous durability is perfect for hosting, as it can withstand the most extreme daily temperatures. They can be used in the fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher, so, you can create your meals directly in your Corelle dishware before your guests arrive, then store, cook and serve stylishly, without needing to make any dish transfers.

4. Let guests serve themselves

Rather than plating individual portions, allow your guests to help themselves by simply serving large one-pot dishes in the centre of the table. It’s an easy way to create a beautiful table setting, whilst allowing your guests to avoid flavours that they dislike and saves you both time—and washing up!

Corelle chip and dip bowls are perfect for sharing starters, and don’t forget the post dinner cheese board.

5. Location location location

Don’t limit al fresco dining to your garden, with Corelle’s durability and lightness you can easily take your dinnerware out and about carefree. Whether that’s packing up your plates for a group picnic in the park or barbecue recipes at the beach, with Corelle your dining options are endless!

What’s your favourite theme and location for an alfresco dinner party?

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