Fast and Flavorful: Slow Cooking or Pressure Cooking

Published On: November 24, 2023

In the culinary world, two titans stand out for their transformative meal abilities, slow cooking or pressure cooking. Step into culinary excellence with the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, boasting multiple smart programs for swift, foolproof cooking, adapting to your preferences, and ensuring seamless, consistent results. Conversely, the One-Pot Slow Cooker masters simplicity with combined sauté and slow cook functions, a 7.1L capacity for ample servings, and easy table presentation. Tailored for beginners, it maintains meal warmth and simplifies cleanup with dishwasher-safe components. Whether gravitating towards the Instant Pot’s speed or the One-Pot Slow Cooker’s simplicity, both elevate the art of weekday cooking.

  • Here is a comparison of Slow cooking vs Pressure cooking by Real Simple.
  • Pressure-cooking meals are stress-free and save you time, as you can cook a delicious risotto in under 12 minutes opposed to 30-40 minutes not using a pressure cooker. Slow cooking takes the opposite approach slowly sautéing your food locking in all the flavour and yielding a delicious stew over a longer period of time. Two different approaches to cooking food, in this blog we will compare and let you decide which is preferable to you.

Pressure Cooking with Instant Pot

Pressure cooking takes the lead in fast-paced kitchens. Harnessing high-pressure steam, it speeds up cooking by 70%, offering a range of one-touch smart programs. The Instant Pot Pro takes it a step further, incorporating 10 cooking functions, making it a chef’s essential.

For the tech-savvy, the Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart Multi-Cooker offers remote control through an app, access to a plethora of recipes, and faster pressure cooking with increased power.

Slow Cooking

New to the world of slow cooking? Fear not! The Instant Pot Superior Slow Cooker is your gateway to hassle-free, delicious meals. Gently simmering food over low heat, this 4-in-1 wonder simplifies the process with high or low-temperature settings, letting you set it and forget it.

Pro tips for perfect slow cooking include the importance of leaner meats, dealing with skin-on proteins, and preventing a watery stew with thickening agents. The slow cooker’s 7.1L capacity makes it ideal for families, entertaining, or batch cooking, offering simplicity in serving with easy-grab handles and a removable inner pot.


Whether you’re in the fast lane with pressure cooking or embracing the unhurried elegance of slow cooking, Instant Pot has you covered. From the Instant Pot’s speedy precision to the Superior Slow Cooker’s versatile simplicity, each device is designed to elevate your culinary adventures. So, whether you’re making a quick weekday meal or indulging in a slow-cooked feast, Instant Pot ensures your journey in the kitchen is both efficient and delicious.