How air fryers have impacted consumer buying behaviours

Published On: April 23, 2024


uk inflation on air fryers
Air fryers made the cut

In 2024, the Consumer Price Inflation baskets were updated to better reflect the changing landscape of consumer spending habits. These revisions are vital to ensure that inflation measures remain relevant and accurately represent contemporary consumer behaviour. Among the notable additions to the basket were items such as air fryers. 

This inclusion reflects the increasing popularity of air fryers among consumers, driven by their perceived benefits such as energy efficiency and healthier cooking options compared to traditional fryers. The decision to add air fryers to the basket reflects a broader trend in consumer preferences towards more health-conscious and environmentally friendly products. Reports indicate a significant increase in consumer spending on cooking items like air fryers, suggesting a shift in dietary habits and cooking practices.

uk inflation on air fryers
The ever changing consumer buying habits

The inclusion of air fryers in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) basket for calculating inflation signifies a notable acknowledgement of changing consumer trends. Air fryers, prized for their energy efficiency and health advantages over traditional frying methods, have surged in popularity, indicating a broader transition towards healthier culinary practices. This addition underscores the ONS’s dedication to accurately mirroring contemporary consumer behaviour.

Reports indicate a significant uptick in spending on air fryers, reflecting a growing demand for energy-efficient and health-focused kitchen appliances. This trend aligns with broader societal shifts towards prioritizing health and wellness. By integrating air fryers into inflation calculations, the ONS aims to offer a more precise reflection of current purchasing behaviours and price fluctuations. Overall, this inclusion underscores the importance of adjusting inflation measures to match evolving consumer preferences for improved accuracy and relevance.

energy efficient air fryers
energy efficient air fryers
demand for air fryers
Demand for air fryers are on the rise

Demand for air fryers has skyrocketed, with sales increasing by up to 3,000% compared to the previous year. This surge is attributed to consumers seeking energy-efficient alternatives amidst rising energy costs. Research indicates that air fryers, which cost between £60 to £200, run at an average annual cost of £55.71, significantly lower than electric cookers at £335.57 per year. The popularity of air fryers is further evidenced by the significant sales growth of models like the Insant vortex, which has seen a remarkable increase in units sold. Analysts attribute this trend to consumers recognizing the cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of air fryers compared to conventional cooking appliances.

demand for air fryer