Oven vs Air Fryer: Which Is Best?

Published On: December 1, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of kitchen appliances, the battle between the traditional electric oven and the modern air fryer has sparked countless debates. Which is best the oven or air fryer? Let’s explore options that promise to save you money, energy, and time.

There’s no two ways about it, when it comes to costs, running an air fryer wins by a long shot. It cooks faster, doesn’t require pre-heating, and uses less energy due to its smaller heating area. Enter the Instant Brands Vortex range, offering models tailored to different needs.

Instant Vortex Air Fryer Range

If you’re after a single drawer, whether it’s because you have a small household, have limited kitchen space, or are new to air frying – Instant have all shapes and sizes to choose from!

vortex clearcookvortex slimvortex plus

If you require a larger capacity or want to cook two dishes at the same time, then look no further than our award-winning Dual Drawer. Or take it one step further with our versatile Versazone, which can transform from two drawers, to one XXL drawer – there are endless cooking possibilities, and you can cater for everyone!

Vortex plus dual drawVersaZone cleacook

Don’t see the right one for you? See the full range here.

Converting Your Recipes From Oven to Air Fryer

Concerned about not being able to follow recipes with an air fryer? Fear not. Here are some easy conversions to follow from our culinary expert, Jenny Tschiesche. The rule of thumb for fresh food is to reduce the typical oven temperature by 20°C and reduce the cooking time by 20-25%. When it comes to frozen food, Jenny advises keeping the temperature the same, but cutting cooking times by 50%. It’s simple!

frozen chartFresh chart

Are Air Fryers Truly More Cost-Effective Than Ovens?

Absolutely. Let’s do the maths.

According to a Mirror article where both were put to the test, an electric oven costs about £316.54 a year, while an air fryer only sets you back £52.74—merely 14p a day! Take a chicken breast as an example: the oven requires 40 minutes and 69p, while the air fryer only 20 minutes and 21p. The difference in both time and cost is undeniable.

The Best of Both

Still not convinced? What if there was a middle ground? We present to you the Air Fryer Oven – compact, cost-effective, energy-efficient and offers the same capacity as a small oven:

Air fryer oven

It’s a no brainer!

So, which do you think is best? The choice is yours.