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versazone clearcook

-Choose your basket size: Use as 2 x 4.2L cooking baskets or transform to one XXL 8.5L basket by simply removing the divider

-Watch your food cooking through the upgraded ClearCook window

-Cook for the whole family: Space for a large joint of meat, tray bake & more, or cook two foods, two ways.

air fryer oven large air fryer

– Elevate your air frying game, with multi tier trays for extra cooking space

–  The perfect rotisserie roast: 360° hot air circulation for optimum air flow and crisping

– Step by step cooking guidance and intuitive interface with add food/turn food prompts

Slow cooker

– Sear before slow cooking all in the same pot, for even deeper low and slow flavours

– Easy to take from kitchen to table, with lightweight cooking pot to serve from

– Added steam function, for cooking healthy weekday meals

rice cooker

– Foolproof rice couldn’t be easier: Automatically programs for you based on quantity being cooked

– Upgrade your roast dishes with extra functions: Handy sauté function so you can make tasty fried rice in one pot

– More than a rice cooker: Works as a steamer and sow cooker too

Our customers perfect pairings…

“Having a rice cooker in addition to my Instant Pot is a game changer! Perfect rice to go with my curry and chilli has never been so easy”
Irene C.
“I love using the Superior Slow Cooker for feeding the whole family, and use my Instant Pot for pressure cooking potatoes for the creamiest mash. Crowd pleasing dinners are so easy with 2 machines”
Laura W.
You’ve gotta check out the Instant Pot Superior Slow Cooker. As a beginner in slow cooking. I simply toss my ingredients, set the function and timer, and let it do it’s magic. No need to babysit your meal. A lifesaver for those crazy days.”
James A.
“As a rice lover, the Instant Rice Cooker is a MUST HAVE in our small kitchen. It does what a trusty rice cooker would but more! Love the Saute and steam function that comes with it. Really versatile, from easy fried rice to steaming gyozas or bao buns. It’s a fam fave.”
Nancy A.
“Adding the air fryer oven to my kitchen has been the best pairing to go with the air fryer I already had. Now I can rotisserie a whole chicken, whilst roasting potatoes and veggies in my dual drawer in no time at all.”
Sam T.

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