A day in the life of me and my Instant Pot – by Samuel Preston

Published On: August 4, 2021

When we at Instant Brands were approached by Samuel Preston (of Ordinary Boys fame) asking for some Instant Pot merchandise, we couldn’t say no, because it turns out that one way that ‘Boys will be Boys’ is by using an Instant Pot to cook! 

I find it necessary to begin this guest post with a disclaimer, or perhaps more of a shameful admission, that it was in fact me that contacted Instant Brands because I love my Instant Pot (Duo 6L)! I use it several times a day, and whilst sneaking into the DMs of their Instagram account to creep on some recipes, I thought I would ask if they had any stickers for my skateboard. They agreed and asked me if I would walk you through a day in the life of me and my Instant Pot, so here we are! 

I have followed New York Times food writer Mellissa Clark for many years, as she publishes recipes that I tend to class under the category ‘Midwestern Mom’.  My mum is from Philadelphia which, while not being a Midwestern city has a lot of the same principles when it comes to food. The best way to illustrate these principles is to tell you that Melissa Clark invented the deep-fried Twinkie!  So as soon as Melissa Clark started writing about the Instant Pot, I knew I needed to get one! As with the honeymoon phase of any relationship, after 6 months of being in love with my Instant Pot, I had put on 10kg. Melissa Clarke’s recipes are criminally delicious but as with lots of American recipes they were laden with cream, butter and melted cheese!  I made everything from incredible briskets, to stews and even heavenly cakes – lowering Le Creuset flan dishes into the Instant Pot is the best way to steam desserts, and the only way I will ever make porridge again! 

Samuel Preston holding up his Instant Brands Air Fryer

However, my following of Melissa Clarke’s recipes has now come to an end, and instead I am using my Instant Pot as part of a very healthy lifestyle. It has proven itself as an indispensable tool for delicious Midwestern Mom food, but it has been overlooked as a health food tool. Here are a few ways I use my Instant Pot every day.

I make homemade yogurt at least once a week, as an easy way to increase my fermented foods intake. I add about 500ml cream to this yogurt recipe and boil with the lid off for an extra 5 minutes, then sit it in a sieve lined with cheesecloth for a really thick Greek yogurt.

It’s also super easy to make almond milk in an Instant Pot as you can blast them in the Instant Pot and have fresh almond milk in 20 mins!

My favourite thing to make in the Instant Pot though (and something that is £12 per 250ml in shops!) is bone broth. You can use any bones, but I find that lamb or beef work best, and this technique of roasting them for 45 mins with some veggies first makes a perfect broth every time!

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