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Which Instant air fryer is right for you?

Instant air fryers are the ultimate kitchen companions for cooking convenience! Our air fryers are an electrical cooking device that uses 360 degree airflow to circulate hot air and cook food quickly.

Cooking with an Instant air fryer is an energy-efficient solution, using up to 80% less energy and costs compared to cooking in an electric oven. Whether cooking fresh or frozen, enjoy speedy weekday meals, versatile cooking options, and a healthier approach with 95% less oil compared to deep fat frying thanks to our EvenCrisp Technology.

Single basket air fryer

Single basket air fryers

Explore our single-basket air fryers, available in 3.8L and 5.7L sizes, featuring a sleek design ideal for any countertop. The spacious cooking basket with a ClearCook window can accommodate a 1.2kg chicken or 600g chips, all whilst allowing you to monitor progress without opening the draw and sacrificing heat.

Double basket air fryers

Experience culinary versatility with our double-basket air fryers, streamlining the cooking process with twin baskets for simultaneous dish preparation—saving you time and effort. Picture crispy fries on one side, and a succulent roast chicken on the other. For expanded capacity and functionality, opt for our dual zone air fryer, unlocking possibilities to create a variety of delicious dishes. From frozen to crispy, our 7.5L larger-capacity model is perfect for family meals.

The Instant Vortex Plus Dual Drawer was awarded Best Air Fryer of the Year in 2023 by Expert Reviews, ahead of Ninja Air fryers. With two spacious drawers, it excels in grilling and reheating, offering versatility through Sync Cook and Sync Finish settings. Its precise temperature control, ergonomic design, and overall build quality elevate it above our competition.

Double basket air fryer
VersaZone air fryer

Choose your basket size with VersaZone

Select your basket size and transition seamlessly from two independent 4.2L cooking baskets to one XXL 8.5L basket by removing the divider. The VersaZone air fryer is perfect for a full family meal, accommodating large joints of meat and tray bakes. Alternatively, cook two foods simultaneously with separate controls and the convenient SyncFinish function. Its user-friendly display only asks you to select the cooking function, time and temperature, and the cooking progress indicator will keep you updated about your dish’s readiness.

Our largest air fryer

The Air Fryer Oven redefines cooking with its spacious 13L capacity, rotisserie spit, and multi-tier trays for simultaneous cooking. For an even cook every time, this cooking appliance ensures consistently tender interiors and crispy exteriors through 360° hot air circulation.

Air Fryer Oven

Features found in an Instant air fryer

Air fry the crispiest Korean chicken wings in 15 minutes, salmon in 8-10 minutes and roasted pork in 90 minutes.

Roast the crunchiest potatoes in as little as 18 minutes, broccoli in 8 minutes and brussel sprouts in 13 minutes.

Bake an assortment of treats including cakes, croissants, bread, hot cross buns and many more.

Grill the perfect steak, chicken wings, pork loins and more.

Dehydrate your fruit, veg or meat with the click of a button.

Reheat sausage rolls, pizza, spring rolls and any other leftovers you can think of in a matter of minutes.

The rotisserie function cooks the juiciest roast chicken and meat joints with ease, only available for the air fryer oven.

SyncCook mirrors the functions to cook two potions with the same settings.

SyncFinish automatically ensures two different cooking programmes finish at the same time.

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