Large Air Fryers



Large Air Fryers

Dive into our collection of Large Vortex Air Fryers, designed for cooking large quantities of food at once. They offer the highest capacity for preparing larger portions of food in one go, making meal preparation more efficient. Perfect for bigger households or avid entertainers, you can effortlessly chef up 8+ portions.

Choose from our award-winning Dual Drawer featuring two 3.5L baskets, opt for versatility with our innovative Versazone technology, or explore our largest offering, the Air Fryer Oven.

Features found in our Air Fryer Oven and Vortex Air Fryers

Air-fry the crispiest hot wings in just 15 minutes, salmon in 8-10 minutes, and roast pork in only 90 minutes.

Achieve the crunchiest roast potatoes in as little as 18 minutes, broccoli in just 8 minutes, and Brussels sprouts in a mere 13 minutes.

Easily bake an assortment of delightful treats like cakes, croissants, bread, hot cross buns, and more.

Grill to perfection with steak, chicken wings, pork loins, and various other options.

Effortlessly dehydrate fruits, vegetables, or meats with the simple click of a button.

Quickly reheat sausage rolls, pizza, spring rolls, and any other leftovers within minutes.

Indulge in the juiciest roast chicken and meat joints using the exclusive rotisserie function available for the air fryer oven.

With SyncCook, effortlessly synchronize functions to cook two portions with identical settings.

Experience the convenience of SyncFinish, automatically ensuring two different cooking programs finish simultaneously.

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