Single Basket Air Fryers



Single basket air fryer

Single basket air fryers

Discover the Instant Vortex Single Basket Air Fryer collection. Indulge in your favourite fried foods but with minimal oil. Whip up healthier meals in moments and enjoy consistently crispy results – whether it’s golden brown fries, perfectly roasted vegetables, juicy chicken, or succulent fish.

Explore our spacious yet compact 5.7L air fryers ideal for serving up to 4 portions or opt for the smaller 3.8L models perfect for two, especially convenient for those with limited kitchen space.

Features found in an Instant air fryer

Air fry the crispiest Korean chicken wings in 15 minutes, salmon in 8-10 minutes and roasted pork in 90 minutes.

Roast the crunchiest potatoes in as little as 18 minutes, broccoli in 8 minutes and brussel sprouts in 13 minutes.

Bake an assortment of treats including cakes, croissants, bread, hot cross buns and many more.

Grill the perfect steak, chicken wings, pork loins and more.

Dehydrate your fruit, veg or meat with the click of a button.

Reheat sausage rolls, pizza, spring rolls and any other leftovers you can think of in a matter of minutes.

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