Slow Cooker

Made fast, cooked slow

Discover the Instant Superior Slow Cooker. Simplify cooking, serving, and cleaning, whether you’re slow cooking or steaming healthy meals. Our Slow Cooker makes cooking easy. Just toss in your ingredients, select your function, set the time and temperature—it’s that simple! What’s great about this cooker is it keeps things simple with just high or low temp settings. Then, sit back and let the magic happen. Time isn’t an enemy here; it’s the secret sauce that transforms simple ingredients into something spectacular.

Why do I need a Slow Cooker?

With 4 functions in 1 – slow cook, sauté, steam and keep warm, you can cook your favourite meals all in one pot. Gone are the days of standing over the stove; with our Slow Cooker, you can set and forget it – meaning you can kick back and relax while it handles the hard work. Simplify meal prep, save time, and enjoy delicious homemade meals with the Instant Superior Slow Cooker.

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More than just a slow cooker

Slow Cook – enjoy tender ragus for those cosy nights in

Sauté – sear your meat and vegetables before slow cooking, all in one-pot

Steam – for tasty fish fillets and healthy meals packed with vitamins and minerals

Warm – keep your meal warm until you are ready

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