Things you can do with your Instant Pot Pro Plus WIFI

Published On: October 6, 2023

The Instant Pot Pro Plus Multi-Cooker WIFI is a sleek and modern-looking 10-in-1 multicooker. It boasts the classic Instant Pot functions of cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, sautéing, and yoghurt making. In addition to this, it can also NutriBoost (a function that means the food stirs whilst the lid is on). The Pro Plus’s modern LCD touchscreen display and inner pot with silicone-lined handles give this model a state-of-the-art feel. With its new look and new functions, this product may surprise you with what it can do.

Easy access to a whole range of recipes (1400+) via the app.

  • Whilst any Instant Pot owner can download the Instant Brands app to find Instant Pot-specific recipes. Those who own the Instant Pro Plus can sync the cooker with the app to control it via your phone, to start cooking or release the steam remotely.
  • Download our app on the Apple store.
  • Download our app on the Google store.

Start cooking, stop cooking, or change function, the steam can be released via your mobile.

  • Once you have selected a recipe and assembled the ingredients you need, you have the option of either manually programming the recipe or using your phone to automatically start the program. Either step starts the device’s timer. This feature can be extremely useful for when you have other work to be doing, or perhaps when you’re out of earshot and may not hear the appliance beeping to indicate it has finished cooking. Simply glancing at your phone to check how much time is left is reassuring. It allows you to be far more efficient and effective whilst away from your pot. Being able to release the steam remotely is a useful feature for those who don’t like the sound of the pressure release process. Furthermore, it’s just one more process that doesn’t need you in the room as an audience member.
  • Explore our guided step by step videos here: click here

Clean-up is easy, simply pop your inner pot and lid straight into the dishwasher.

  • The lid needs to go on the top shelf or rack of your dishwasher, before that you must remove the sealing ring and steam release valve. The quick cool protective cover and steam release cover must be washed by hand. The convenience of popping both the pot and lid in the dishwasher will appeal to many and save a huge amount of time.

Keep a calm house and a calm mind with a diffused steam release.  

  • Whilst the sound of pressure releasing is pleasing to some, it is not to all. This new Instant Pot has an improved steam release cover, which diffuses steam when released for a quieter sound. 

Save money and “go green” by canning seasonal fruit and veg with 15 psi which is suitable for canning.

  • We are all finding the cost of living more pressing on our food budget. Rather than buying expensive fresh produce which comes with thousands of food miles, which can be out of season. Why not keep ingredients in season? Those summer tomatoes will taste great in January when you want to pep up your pasta dish.
  • Watch a video on how to use the canning feature: click here

Save space in your kitchen with just one pot which slow cooks, pressure cooks, steams, cooks rice, makes yoghurt, and warms food.

  • Due to these multicooker features, you can ditch other appliances that serve just one function, and free up worktop space in your kitchen.

Cook even faster in our Instant Pro Plus pot, compared to other pressure cookers with our 20% higher power output.

  • Imagine this scenario – you’ve arrived home from work and forgotten to take anything out of the freezer before you went to work. An Instant Pot, especially one with this sort of functionality can be a lifesaver in that moment. Frozen food now doesn’t require hours of thawing on the kitchen workshop. You can easily use frozen meat for your recipes, by setting the pot to cook directly from your phone.

Experience enhanced flavours and textures with the new NutriBoost technology, that mimics the motion of boiling water by jostling your food in the pot.

  • This can be useful for dishes such as risotto, pasta and soup. This function is only available when using the soup/broth and rice function. The benefit is that it can stop rice and pasta from sticking to the bottom of the pot by moving it around to prevent sticking.

This is the ultimate “next-gen” pot that looks great and serves so many functions that you never knew you needed.

By Jenny Tschiesche

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