Sticky Miso Onions, with Butter Beans & Pesto Recipe

Sticky Miso Onions, with Butter Beans & Pesto Recipe

Sticky Miso Onions, with Butter Beans & Pesto Recipe

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If using dry beans

  1. To start your sticky miso onions meal, place the dried beans into the instant pot, along with the miso, water and bay leaf. Make sure all the beans are covered in liquid, if not add a little more stock/water. Secure the pressure cooking lid. Select pressure cook, and set the timer to 20 Minutes, with a pulse release.
  2. **Bean cook time will vary. Older beans will take longer to cook.
  3. Once the pressure has been released check the beans. If they need a little longer, simply secure the lid and pressure cook for a few minutes more. Season the cooking liquid to taste with salt and pepper. The beans can now be drained and used below, or the cooking liquor can be reserved and spooned over the beans.

If using canned beans

  1. Halve the onions through the root, and peel. Place a clean inner pot into the crisp ultimate.
  2. Select the saute setting then add water, miso, and butter. Warm through and stir everything until combined. Place the onions cut side down on top of miso liquid.
  3. Secure and lock the lid, select pressure cook, 2 mins, quick pressure release.
  4. Once pressure is released, open the crisp ultimate up and remove the pressure cooking cover by pressing the red button and pulling the tab.
  5. Turn the onions over so the cut side faces up. Select Cancel to end the pressure cooking function, then select air fry, for 10 mins at 195.
  6. Plate up the warm beans, along with any reserved cooking liquor (liquid from cooking beans from dried) or a little veggie broth if you fancy. Top with the miso-glazed onions, the sticky miso sauce, pesto and crispy onions
  7. enjoy your sticky miso onions!