The Ideal Air Fryer for any British Kitchen

Published On: March 23, 2023

The popularity of air fryers is at an all-time high, however many Brits are wondering if they have enough room in their kitchen for this “must-have” gadget. In fact, according to data experts at LABC Warranty, the average size of a British kitchen is under 15 metres squared. That means we have far smaller kitchens than our European neighbours. Smaller kitchens mean less worktop space, and when space is at a premium, it can be tough to decide which kitchen appliances you need most.

The air fryer has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past 2 years here in Britain, with almost a third of households owning one. That’s because it is easy and quick to use and clean and uses far less oil than the alternative deep fat fryer. It also can do almost anything an oven can do, and it does so using less energy which means cost savings.

The best small, with a 5.7L capacity, UK air fryer!

The brand-new Instant Vortex Slim is ideal for the typical British kitchen because it has a 20% smaller footprint than its comparative 5.7 L capacity air fryer in the same range. However, it still maintains that 5.7 L capacity! This means you can cook lots of food in it, yet it’s not taking up much space on your kitchen surface. That’s important because this piece of equipment will be used multiple times a day, which justifies its permanent place on your worktop.

Wondering what you can cook in the new Vortex Slim?

You can cook a leg of lamb, a side of salmon, a loaf of bread and even cakes that can fit perfectly inside! Furthermore, the size and capacity lend itself to recipes as:

  • As versatile as kebabs using 25 cm length skewers,
  • Or baked dishes such as crumble, fish pie or lasagne using a 25cm long heatproof baking dish,
  • And even an all-day breakfast consisting of four rashers of back bacon, four soft-boiled eggs, and sliced tomatoes for two.

An added advantage of this air fryer is that it is the quietest in the Vortex range so far, it has even been certified with the Quiet Mark. This makes it ideal for those with young children, who may be sensitive to noise, and especially for those working from home.

So, if you have been wondering if your kitchen has room for an air fryer, yet you really want to take advantage of all the benefits offered by air frying? You have been looking for the new Instant Vortex Slim, simply the best small and compact air fryer Instant UK. Shop now!