Top Tips for a New Fitness Routine

Published On: January 3, 2023

Hi everyone… Sam is back. 

I am over the moon to be putting ‘pen-to-paper’ again on another piece for the amazing Instant Brands and all of you – theirs, and our, phenomenal community.

Some of you may have read my previous posts, but for those who haven’t, I’m a professional cyclist living with type 1 diabetes and find routine the absolute best thing for everything I do. After speaking with the Instant Brands team, I wanted to take the opportunity to help with some tips on a new fitness routine whether that be new or re engaging in one as well as some hacks to get up, get out and stay active.

I’ve found a key first step is to have a goal, don’t be afraid to dream big in the long-term but this goal is reached step by step. Break it down. Develop smaller aims, targets, and goals along the way. Whether that goal is to go to the gym or a run multiple times a week in 2023 – that could be broken down to setting which days are best, starting with the first two weeks, and beginning with one day and building another into the routine after two to three weeks.


There may be odd occasions where day-to-day life, such as work, family commitments, and other tasks might prevent your routine, but these things happen. One missed isn’t the end – reengage your routine and try to not let this disrupt your goal. Consistency is key as they say.

Buddy Up

We often have that friend who, like us, wants a buddy. Don’t let this put you off – the
encouragement, teamwork, and camaraderie can really help you to stay accountable. Plus –it’s another set of ears to share Air Frying tips and tricks with. Win-Win.

Feeling Good
A fitness goal will absolutely make you feel better, the endorphins from the fresh air, new routine, and reboot cannot be measured. Trust me. The idea that it must be maximal and hard to be beneficial isn’t true. The key to feeling good is to smile, reflect, enjoy, and do something because you really want to. A smile is contagious so make sure you enjoy every step of this wonderful process, whether that’s to be the best in the World or, as an equal, the best in your World. They’re both as amazing and equivalent.

Getting Started
There can often be dread, a build-up, and a daunting feeling but just stepping out of the door, pressing play, and beginning the journey is a huge and fun step. Don’t underestimate the power and strength getting started is.

Always Have Fun
The biggest tip I can share is just to have fun. This journey will be an adventure, you probably won’t always get it right the first time but enjoy the process. Don’t let one negative or bad experience keep you from all the amazing ones that are heading your way.

My Journey
During my journey, I’ve implemented numerous Instant products in helping me shape my routine over the last 18 months, with incredible positivity. Whether that’s in the kitchen with the Instant Pot and Air Fryer Vortex Plus or the Air Purifier in my ‘turbo room’ (The Box Room as most people affectionately label them). Each serves a unique and effective quality to help me in my day-to-day life as not only an athlete but a human.

Without the support of the Instant Brands team and all of you in their community, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My dream is to change the world. Step by step, person by person, and smile by smile. I want to change the world for everyone affected by diabetes, both on and off the bike and this journey is a huge privilege of mine.

I am already looking forward to writing back to you soon. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and good luck on your 2023 adventure.