What size air fryer do I need?

Published On: January 22, 2024

In the world of kitchen appliances, a question often arises, What size air fryer do I need? Air fryers have become a kitchen essential, offering a healthier and more efficient way to cook our favourite foods. At Instant, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why our range of air fryers is designed to meet different needs and is suitable for different-sized families and kitchens. Find the one for you.

Single basket air fryers

Explore our single-basket air fryers, available in 3.8L and 5.7L sizes, featuring a sleek design ideal for any countertop. The spacious cooking basket accommodates a variety of foods, letting you cook a 1.2kg chicken or 600g chips enough for the whole family.

Vortex Plus with clear cook
Dual basket air fryers

Experience culinary versatility with our double-basket air fryers, streamlining the cooking process with twin baskets for simultaneous dish preparation—saving you time and effort. Picture crispy fries on one side, and a succulent roast chicken on the other. For expanded capacity and functionality, opt for our dual draw air fryer, unlocking possibilities to create a variety of delicious dishes. From frozen to crispy, our 7.5L larger-capacity model is perfect for family meals.

Vortex dual draw with clear cook
Vortex Plus VersaZone

Select your basket size and transition seamlessly from two independent 4.2L cooking baskets to one XXL 8.5L basket by removing the divider. The VersaZone air fryer is perfect for a full family meal accommodating large joints of meat and tray bakes. Alternatively, cook two foods simultaneously with separate controls and the convenient SyncFinish function. Its user-friendly display only asks you to select the cooking function, time and temperature, and the cooking progress indicator will keep you updated about your dish’s readiness.

Vortex PLus VersaZone with clearcook
Air fryer oven

The Air Fryer Oven redefines cooking with its spacious 13L capacity, rotisserie spit, and multi-tier trays for simultaneous cooking. For an even cook every time, this cooking appliance ensures consistently tender interiors and crispy exteriors through 360° hot air circulation.

Air fryer oven

Struggling for meal inspiration? Here are some recipes to get you started!

In the world of Instant Air Fryers, each model caters to unique needs. Whether you need a space-saver, or one large enough to cook for the entire family, we’ve got you covered. View our entire selection of air fryers here to find the one that’s right for you.

Choose your perfect fit and begin your cooking journey today.