What Size Air Fryer is Best?

Published On: May 20, 2024

Probably the most popular kitchen appliance right now is the air fryer. According to the latest statistics 45% of UK households (Lakeland trends report, 2023) own one. It’s important to make the right choice regarding size, however. If you get the wrong type, it won’t be the great investment you thought it would be. So, what should you consider when choosing an air fryer?

1. Capacity

Air fryers come in many different sizes. Manufacturers tend to indicate the capacity in terms of litres in the UK. The smallest size you’ll probably come across is 1.5 to 2 litre which is not going to fit a lot of food in at all. Medium size air fryers tend to have 3 to 6 litre capacity and large ones come in anywhere from 7 litre upwards. Cooking for one to two people I would recommend at least a 3.8 litre capacity. A family of four would benefit from a medium capacity and certainly larger families would need a larger size. Another consideration is whether you want the capacity in one drawer or more than one. See below for more information.

2. Shape and Width of Basket

One of the benefits of choosing an air fryer size carefully is pausing to consider which of your current dishes you can use in your new air fryer without having to purchase any more. I have tried several brands of air fryer and really love the Vortex range by Instant Brands because most of the gratin dishes and brownie pans that I own already fit perfectly in the drawers or sections. Dual drawer models are also available which can be useful if you want to cook, for example, fish and chips i.e. your protein and your carbs at the same time but each with different temperatures. However, the most flexible option for cooking both whole tray bakes as well as dual zone is a model with a divider and two separate temperature-controlled zones such as the Vortex VersaZone.

3. Functionality

Different brands will come with different features such as dehydrate, grill, roast, reheat, rotisserie and bake as well air frying. Having the flexibility of using the lowest temperatures to dehydrate leftover fruit and vegetables can save you money by reducing food waste. The grill function, meanwhile, can deliver a delicious, bubbling, cheesy topping to your cauliflower cheese or gratin dishes. Or you can use it to grill your meat, fish or poultry.

4. Price

This is going to be a consideration for any appliance that you purchase. I personally think it’s worthwhile investing in quality in terms of the way in which the air fryer is built but not necessarily investing in lots of functionalities as per my suggestion earlier. I use the air frying function most often but often finish a dish with the grill setting for a crispy topping. Therefore, the air fryer has got to be built to withstand constant/daily use.

Overall, the best advice is to think about how you’re going to use an air fryer, how many people you’re going to be cooking for, what dishes you have already that will fit, and whether the air fryer itself will fit in your kitchen and be something that could stay out for use most of the time.