Bratwurst x3

Air Fryer Bratwurst

Lunch, Main Course, Snack

Air Fryer Bratwurst

Air Fryer Bratwurst


  • 6 bratwurst sausages
  • 6 hot dog buns
  • Your choice of sauce and garnish


  1. Select Air Fry on your Vortex and set the temperature to 175 °C and the time to 16 minutes, then press start.
  2. When prompted to add food, place the buns into the air fryer then remove after 2 minutes, taking the buns out and putting the bratwurst sausages in.
  3. Let the cooking program continue for the remaining 14 minutes, and flip the bratwurst sausages when prompted to Turn Food.
  4. When the cooking program has finished, allow the bratwurst to rest for 5 minutes before assembling in the buns and topping with your choice of sauce and garnish.

Lunch, Main Course, Snack

Air Fryer, Pork