How to cook McCain frozen chips in an air fryer?

Published On: May 25, 2023

We’ve partnered with McCain to share their top tips when cooking your favourite frozen chips for quick and teas using our trusty air fryers.

Over to you, McCain…

Hey, Instant community! Here are our top tips for cooking McCain in an air fryer…

P.S. See the back of the pack for detailed cook times and to learn which of our products can be cooked in any Instant Brands air fryer.

Tip 1: Shake, shake and shake

Be sure to shake the chips every so often to ensure they cook evenly.

Tip 2: Season to spice things up

McCain Flavour Maker Fries cook perfectly in the air fryer. Find a seasoning sachet inside the bag to mix up your meals. Available in Smokey BBQ and Salt and Pepper flavours.

Tip 3: Preheat the air fryer before cooking

We recommend preheating the air fryer to ensure the chips go extra crispy (just how we like them!).

Tip 4: Cook and save time

If, like us, you love to save time when cooking, use the below handy guide to see exactly how much time you could save when cooking McCain in the air fryer!

We’ve made it super easy to follow…

how to cook frozen chips in air fryer

Tip 5: Best air fryer recipes with McCain

Not sure where to start or what to cook with McCain? On our & Instant website, we have plenty of air fryer recipes for you to choose from using a range of McCain favourites.

McCain recipes

Instant recipes

Instant has a recipe app too! Download it

What McCain products do we recommend trying in your air fryer? Don’t hesitate, let’s COOK!

Crispy French Fries, Smiles, Home Chips, Flavour Maker Fries, Naked Chips, Shake Shake Fries, Skin on Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Lightly Spiced Wedges and Hash Browns – all cooked in the Instant Air Fryers!

Happy cooking!